Living Embodiment 2013

Moving You Forward

Full Conference October 7th - 13th
Main Weekend
October 11th - 13th

Our wellbeing, relationships and work are all hugely impacted by how we embody. Move forward personally and professionally as you are a part of the body's leading-edge at the Living Embodiment Conference.

Living Embodiment is the only event bringing together leading embodiment practitioners from around the world. Come share your unique wisdom, approach and explore the diverse wisdom of the body across disciplines from many corners of the globe. Participants will have the opportunity to learn practical tools from innovators and elders to unstick personal challenges and grow professional skills.

Living Embodiment is our unique chance to connect with and be inspired by others in an emerging global embodiment community. You will experience first of its kind sessions to enhance health, happiness, leadership, parenting, aging, spirituality, technology use, creativity and more.

Come! Reconnect to yourself. Be inspired by mentors and peers alike. Join us as we build today's first global embodiment movement.
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Featured Facilitators

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Terry Patten

Saniel Bonder

Wendy Palmer

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Paul Linden

Don Hanlon