Living Embodiment 2013

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We look forward to welcoming you to beautiful Boulder for the first Living Embodiment Conference. This event is a rare opportunity for people interested in embodied living to connect with their community, grow personally and professionally, and be deeply inspired and rejuvenated. Embodiment refers to the lived experience of the body, rather than the body as an object of consumer culture or something sinful to be repressed, and this event is an integrally informed exploration of embodiment’s critical role in life, love and leadership. Living Embodiment will be nestled in the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado this October 7th through the 13th. If you love working and playing deeply through the body and would like a delicious dedicated time doing this, then this event is for you.

Living Embodiment was conceived by European and US practitioners seeing the need for a worldwide gathering of those deeply interested in moving embodiment work forward in our world today. We are concerned about the implications of a world that has lost touch with this reservoir of intelligence and passionately hopeful about the possibilities of a more embodied life.

Living Embodiment has two sections. The first part is geared towards both professionals working with embodiment and individuals desiring an intensive, retreat-style opportunity to work with innovators and elders from around the globe. This part of the conference happens Monday through Thursday and employs a spacious schedule with room for sharing, reflection and collaboration. It will be an intimate gathering of colleagues and new friends and we regard connection and co-creation with fellow-participants as central to the conference. It’s what we create together that matters most.

The second section of the conference begins Friday and offers a variety of phenomenal presenters, captivating panels and integration exercises to establish deep connection and personal and professional growth. The conference will be both playful and creative, as well as rigorous and practical, with many applications that address real-world issues. All sessions will be highly interactive and the facilitators are masters in their field or innovative rising stars – the line-up of presenters is genuinely unparalleled.

Evenings will be joyful celebrations and include sessions on play, bodywork and dancing.

Who Will Love This Event?

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This conference is for those with a deep interest in the lived experience of the body, such as:

Health practitioners – body-workers, acupuncturists, massage therapists, Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais teachers, etc
dance teachers and enthusiasts
embodied business trainers and consultants
life coaches working with the body
martial artists
therapists and counselors of all kinds
yoga teachers and practitioners
those interested in integral theory and practice

This conference is for everyone who sees that the disembodiment of today’s world is causing problems ranging from stress and ill-health, to alienation at work, to strained relationships and environmental destruction. Any society that ignores the fundamental connection to the body is unsustainable and needs healing. Living Embodiment is for people who know that feeling matters and have a passion for bringing the body back into the world. If this speaks to you, join us in Boulder.

Your Benefits of Attending

An opportunity to experience the breadth and depth of embodiment from many varied practitioners, together for the first time in one gorgeous location
A unique chance to connect deeply with others with the same passion
Inspiration and rejuvenation through deep immersion in the body and embodied practice
Opportunities to share creatively with your fellow participants during the Mon-Thur part of the conference
A week/ weekend of practice – the conference is very interactive and practice focused – no speaker will talk for more than 20 minutes without involving other participants
Support for practical challenges you may be facing – there are sessions on relationships, leadership, fitness, working online, parenting, trauma, spirituality and more
Deepen your understanding of your own work and see new directions to take it in
Feel supported in taking new embodied direction in your life, relationships and vocation
Gain critical insight into habits that limit your professional impact
Enjoy new relationships and opportunities as you network and connect in depth with participants and facilitators
Be a part of the catalyst that takes embodiment into the post-modern age

Find out more about our amazing line up of presenters and facilitators.